Maestría en Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional Internacional

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Duration and costs


The duration of the Master program is two academic years (4 semesters).


The cost of the Master is 14,000€ in total. The cost of each additional semester is 2,000€.

Scholarship possibilities

The coordination team of the Master program constantly tries to find solutions for potential economic or social problems the students could be facing.

Every year some partial scholarships are offered. The call for these scholarships will open annually, only for first semester students and for the whole duration of the Master program.

The scholarship holder is required the utmost commitment to the study. Any fail of exams or courses signifies the loss of the scholarship. In that case, all financial contributions have to be paid back and normal fees will apply.

The program is accepted by Colfuturo, Colombia.

Organisation and costs for the attendance courses

Travel and accommodation for the attendance courses have to be organized by the students. Costs for these expenses (accommodation, flight ticket) are not included in the matriculation and have to be paid by the students. There is the possibility to apply for scholarships in the respective countries regarding these expenses.

Forms of payment

The payments for the Master Program will be made by PayPal. There are different options of semi-annual and monthly instalments.